Split Britches have given a variety of workshops at universities, conferences, and organizations across the globe.  Workshops vary in length and include the following topics: Hands On Performance and Writing; Making Performance Work; Making Space for Performance; Performance and Human Rights; Performing Gender.  To book a workshop, please contact Split Britches at

Hands On Performance and Writing:  A practical workshops designed to create performance from the ordinary details of our lives and the extra-ordinary fantasies of our imaginations.  It is designed to give performers of all types -even non-performers – the tools to create their own solo performance using both the exquisite and the mundane.  In a relaxed yet structured environment we will explore impulse, objects, autobiography, found text, song, dance, fantasy, popular culture and, most importantly, the desire to make the things we never thought we could make and to say the things we always wanted to say.

Making Performance Work:  The independent performance maker is responsible for conceptualizing the piece, writing the text, composing the score and/or choreography, designing the visuals, securing the equipment, mastering the technology, locating the venue, producing and marketing the event, and performing the piece. In this process the work emerges from within the body and experience of the performer. The role of the writer, director and or producer is internal rather than external.  This practical workshop is designed to create performance from the personal story, popular culture, and gender identity to create a character, some text, and a 3-5 minute performance.

Making Space for Performance:  A workshop where Split Britches consider space making as much a part of their work as writing, performing, and promoting. Sometimes they make space out of necessity, sometimes out of desire sometimes just by accident. In 1983 they created the Wow Café Theatre, a performance space for women in New York City; throughout the 1990’s, they created solo performances spaces in galleries, churches, store fronts and coffee houses. Recently they have focused on appropriating institutional and university space for public creative projects. Similarly, the workshop addresses strategies for imagining, obtaining and creating space for independent performance work. Aside from venue creation for performance we also examine the site specifics of performance and explore how the consideration of space contributes to the overall creative process.

Performance and Human Rights:  A practical workshop investigating possibilities of using performance practice in addressing human rights.  Working with Peoples Palace Projects, a research organization based at Queen Mary, University of London, Split Britches initiated a performance and human rights project in the criminal justices systems of both Brazil and the UK. Based on this experience, this workshop examines the way in which alternative theatrical methodologies can be used in addressing issues of human rights. Like the Boal-based methodologies, this performance research is concerned with the transformation of life experiences, but uses non-cognitive, post-modern strategies of contemporary performance.

Performing Gender:  A practical workshop and one to one mentoring based on the above hands on performance methodology and designed to investigate the performance of gender in both traditional and non traditional performance.

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