Produced in response to our work with stroke survivors as part of Science Stroke Art with the Stroke Association North West, the legendary Peggy Shaw makes use of her solo performance Ruff to recognise the signs and symptoms of stroke. With her own iconic style and a rocking beat, Peggy Shaw’s Public Service Announcement shows you a thing or two about being F.A.S.T!

Suffering a stroke in her late 60s, Peggy uses performance to take on life after trauma. Here she imparts with you an easy way to recognise the warning signs of a stroke. Don’t keep this gem to yourself – go head and share it!


About Split Britches

Split Britches was founded 30 years ago by Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver and Deb Margolin. Since 1980 we have transformed the landscape of queer performance with our vaudevillian satirical gender-bending performance. Split Britches creates new forms by exploiting old conventions. It borrows from classical texts and popular myths, but its true sources are the details of everyday life. The work is personal, bordering on the private. It relies on moments rather than plot, relationships rather than story. It is about a community of outsiders, queers, eccentrics – feminist because it encourages the imaginative potential in everyone, and lesbian because it takes the presence of a lesbian on stage as a given.
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